Plastic roofing material Ekoternit

Let us offer you the roofing material Ekoternit.

Plastic roofing material Ekoternit is made of recycled plastic. Therefore, our roofing material is well resistant against weather changes, mechanical impacts and it is virtually unbreakable. We cultivate the input material (recycled plastic) with other additives in the process of production of the roofing material, which ensures color fastness, UV-resistance and long life. Besides, the covering Ekoternit absorbs noise, can withstand sun, wind, hail, frost and sudden temperature changes. The roofing material takes shape of the surface due to heat, thus the roof looks natural. From the viewpoint of formability, the roofing material can be very successfully used in semicircular roof parts, where otherwise plating is used.

The roofing material is suitable for family houses, pergolas, halls, garages and industrial buildings. Its appearance faithfully imitates natural slate.

Types of roofing material Ekoternit

We produce the roofing material in four versions EB1, EB2, EB3 and EB4. The individual versions vary in size and weight.

Ekoternit EB1 – More significant pattern

The unique solution for those who prefer the classic shape of roofing. The shape is based on established Czech tradition and it is among our most widely used products. A significant pattern adds the roofing a dazzling appearance. It is perfect as a replacement of used tiles in the same shape.

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Ekoternit EB2 – Decent pattern

Enlarged version of the roofing material EB1 with less pronounced pattern. This pattern differs from the EB1 mainly with its size and weight. The shape is also based on established Czech tradition and with EB1, it is among our most widely used products. It is perfect as a replacement of used tiles in the same shape.

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Ekoternit EB3 – Premium tradition rectangle

This roofing gives your roof a timeless look. It is an impressive solution for new buildings and modern houses. Every customer who wants more for his house using adequate funding will appreciate this design. Ekoternit Premium EB3 traditional rectangle completely excels in the evaluation of cost-effectiveness

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Ekoternit EB4 – Premium fish scale

Our product will totally amaze you with the way it faithfully imitates the natural slate. It is always suitable when it is needed to add the roof a touch of the old days. Ekoternit Premium EB4 conjures up a terrific look at all the historic buildings, wooden buildings, gazebos or listed buildings.

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Main advantages of the roofing material

22 year warranty
We offer a 22 year warranty.

Nice look
Ekoternit imitates natural slate.

No need for further treatment.

Not unnecessary burden of rafters.

The roofing material is UV-resistant.

The roofing material preserves preserves elasticity and walkability.

Technical characteristics of Ekoternit roofing

Fire classification: category E
Lifetime period: The used material supposes long lifetime period of more than 30 years.
Minimal slope of roof: 20° - 28°
Usability? overall all-boarded roof constructions
Color black/anthracite

Types of roofing material


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